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Your Power, Your Solar, Your Savings

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Customers will typically save between 20k-200k by going solar.

Complete Solar Power
System for Your Home

Turn your utility bill into a savings account.
For anyone who’s ever been sick of paying endless bills every month – we’re here for you.

Going solar creates your own power, which is pretty cool. But it also gives you back your personal power, your money, those hundreds of dollars you were going to pay to the power company every month and get nothing in return.
  • Save money? Check.
  • Nothing Out Of Pocket? Check.
  • Easy? Check.
  • Federal Tax Credit? Check.
In a world of complicated financial decisions, we’re simple.
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Why solar

The Future Is Green, The 
Future Is Now

Going solar isn’t just the right thing to do – it’s also about taking control of your finances and making a ton of money on what’s usually just another bill every month. 

Homeowners in the know are saving tens of thousands of dollars on their energy bills and tucking their solar into a little nest egg that’s either going to increase the value of their homes when they sell or give them power for life if they stay. 

Will you be kicking yourself in 20 years when you’re paying at least double what you are now for power because of inflation? Banking on solar is banking on yourself.
Why Is Solar Cheaper Than My Power Bill?
Your power bill is a sunk cost, a payment you make every month that goes to the power company and you get nothing in return, except power. When you go solar power, you are paying for your solar panels so that month by month, you’re owning your own power. When your solar panels is paid off, then you have free solar power for life.
What Does Inflation Have To Do With Solar?
Solar panels are a fixed cost, that means you own your solar power and the cost dont go up! Inflation makes everything go up in price because the dollar slowly loses its value, like how gasoline was only $1.50 per gallon in the year 2000. That wasn’t very long ago! By the time you finish paying off your solar at your low fixed-rate price, your power bill would have more than doubled. That’s a real savings.
Is There A Real-Life Example Of Energy Inflation?
Every single state in the USA has experienced energy inflation, and will continue to. In California, the average price per kWh of electricity jumped from $0.07 cents per hour in the year 2001, to double that at $0.14 cents per kWh in 2021. Families who had the insight to go solar back in 2001 have enjoyed paying a much less expensive fixed rate on their solar loan – which is almost over and they will soon have free power for many years to come. The earlier you go solar, the more you can save!
What Is Net Metering?
When you go solar power, your house is still hooked up to the power grid. That means that even at night, or during a rainstorm, you will always have power, the same as your neighbors. Net Metering is the way that you can produce extra energy during the daytime and sell it to your neighbors for credits, then use those credits when you need power from the grid. For instance, if your house uses 10,000 kWh of electricity per year, your solar power system should produce 10,000 kWh during the daytime. With the excess that you’re not using, you “sell” the energy back to the grid and your meter spins backward. When you need to use power at night, you simply swap those credits for electricity.
Solar makes sense

Big Tax Break For Green Energy

The federal government is offering you a dollar tax credit for 30% of the entire cost of your solar system.

No strings attached.

Use it how you want, keep it, or put it back into your solar loan for a lower payment.
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Why Go With Optimum First Solar

Take control of your energy and go solar the optimum way

Optimum First Solar is an authorized retailer for many major name solar and installation companies. Our unique setup allows us to offer our customers best in class service, equipment and installation at very low margins.
  • Save money with the best prices
  • Increase the value of your home
  • Peace of mind with the best warranties
  • No hassles with fast easy installs
  • Produce clean energy for your family
  • Zero Upfront Costs

Best in class warranty

25 Year
25 year warranty on all solar gear.
10 Year
10 year warranty on the roof.
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How It Works

We Make It Simple To Save And Have The Fastest Install Time In The Industry


Tailored Proposal

Allow us to send you a tailored proposal which includes your cash and financing options, savings calculations, panel location on roof and all the details you will need to make an informed decision. Its free, only takes a few minutes and does not even need a credit check! All the information without the sales pressure.
Finance It!

Solar Loan

We work with the top financiers, who offer the best rates and most value for your solar needs. With most loan types, you will pay less with solar right from the start, then continue saving as inflation skyrockets the price of power while you’re still paying the much lower fixed rate of your solar loan. Best thing is solar costs you $0 out of pocket costs.

Pay Cash

Arguably the most straightforward way to buy solar panels is with cash, and the benefits are clear. With a cash payment you avoid paying interest and your wont need a qualifying credit score. As a result, you'll save more money over the life of your solar panels and your system will typically pay for itself in about five years.
  • Only Takes A Few Minutes
  • No Credit Check
  • Find Out How Much You Can Save

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