Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee

Trying to figure out when the perfect time to refinance is?

Are you waiting for rates to reach their lowest levels?

Interest rates change from day to day, week to week and month to month so how will you know when rates are at their absolute lowest?

The answer is simple, you don't have to! Not with Optimum First Mortgage's exclusive Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee. The guarantee is designed so that our customers will not have to guess when's the perfect time to refinance their home is.

The Optimum First Mortgage Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee allows for a no closing cost refinance, if rates should fall, for the lifetime of the loan you complete with us. So refinance today and rest assured if rates drop you can get a lower rate at no cost!

Here's how it works:

The Optimum First Mortgage Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee allows for a new refinance with absolutely no closing fees. All loan related costs or fees for the transaction will be absorbed by Optimum First Mortgage and will not be added to the loan. However, taxes, insurance, lender related payoff fees, interest and impound account setup will still remain the client’s responsibility (if needed). A deposit for the appraisal fee is required but will be refunded upon closing.

To qualify for the guarantee you must:

1. Supply your signed Rate Protection Guarantee Certificate from your previous loan.

2. Be 180 days past your previous loan funding date.

3. Qualify for a refinance based on Fannie Mae conforming loan limit guidelines.

4. Have a loan amount equal to or greater than $125k.

5. Subject property must be deemed owner occupied.


The interest rate for the Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee is calculated by taking the rate on the current Fannie Mae 30 year 30-day required net yield (RNY) rounded up to the nearest eight of a percent (.125%), at the time of lock, plus (+) a margin based on the loan amount (please see below).

The current Fannie Mae 30 year 30-day RNY can be found by visiting

Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee Margin*

Loan Amount of New Mortgage* Margin*                                   
$0 - $124,999 Not Applicable (N/A)
$125,000 - $199,999 +2.5% (two and one-half percent)
$200,000 - $299,999 +1.75% (one and three-quarter percent)
$300,000 - Conforming Loan Limit +1.5% (one and one-half percent)


If the 30 Year 30-day RNY is at 2% and the new mortgage amount is $350,000 then the Rate Protection Guarantee rate would be 3.5% (2% (RNY) + 1.5% (margin) = 3.5% Rate Protection Guarantee Rate). This is for example purposes only; the actual RNY can be more or less at the time of lock.

* The final rate calculation and/or margin may be subject to adjustments due to loan to value percentage, fico scores, lock period and other factors that may be deemed higher risk by the lender. All final rate calculations can be sent to you in writing upon redemption of certificate. The Lifetime Rate Protection Guarantee will be treated as a mortgage loan refinance transaction and will be locked for 30 days. There is no guarantee that the loan or rate and pricing will be delivered with in the lock period and the refinance might be subjected to lock extension costs and/or re-pricing. Optimum First, Inc. reserves the right to amend the terms of this guarantee at any time.

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