Rate Protection Guarantee

Never worry about the perfect timing ever again

When its possible to save money on your monthly payment you will be alerted.

Benefits of Lifetime Rate
Protection Guarantee

Perfect timing
Remove the guess work and know exactly when is the best time to refinance with our exclusive Rate Protection Guarantee.
Save Money
Our guarantee means if rates drop you could refinance to a lower rate and possibly save money with a lower monthly payment.
Rate monitoring
We'll keep you in the know and send you alerts, so you can make the most of your guarantee.

How it works

Get your digital Rate Protection Guarantee certificate.
We will notify you once the rates drop and calculate your guaranteed rate.
Benefit from a no-deposit refinance at a lower rate.

How to qualify

  • Supply your signed Rate Protection Guarantee Certificate from your previous loan
  • Be 180 days past your previous loan funding date
  • Qualify for a refinance based on Fannie Mae conforming loan limit guidelines
  • Have a loan amount greater than $150k and a qualifying FICO score of 700 or above
  • Subject property must be deemed owner occupied
  • Additional terms and conditions apply, please email rpg@optimumfirst.com for complete program details