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Dan Rhomberg

Branch Manager

(714) 947-4160
(714) 450-5504
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5025 Bear Ln.
Caldwell, ID 83607


Thank you for choosing me as your personal loan officer to represent you and your families interest! Please read all below for my Bio and reviews.

Leading up to my assignment as a Branch Manager, I have had the pleasure of representing my clients here at Optimum First Mortgage for over 12+ years as one of the original Sr. Loan Officers that has contributed to this company shining like a diamond in the rough. I have an expert knowledge base in Refinances, Purchases, VA, FHA, fixed, adjustable, regular Conforming or Jumbo loan amounts and a background in general financing for over 2 decades…..I’m your specialist if you want to close FAST and efficiently with no undue surprises. My normal application to close turntimes are 14-22 days and shorter for standard profiles.

While maintaining and exceeding the knowledge base my clients have come to expect from me, my personal work ethic has contribituted to my personal clients funding over $588,000,000 in my time here at Optimum First Mortgage.


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Additional Personal Info and Testimonials below

What every single client of mine will experience when choosing me to represent them is flawless honesty and integrity along with some of the best knowledge in the mortgage industry. I constantly strive to remain available to my clients and realtors 24/7, weekends and holidays included…. It is my personal belief that without an effective, efficient, and knowledgeable loan officer that stays in contact with you throughout the entire process until funding, very simple issues can cause a loan to aggravate you to no end. All of this is avoided when you choose me to represent you as I adamantly believe as in all things in life need the “5 P’s”….… Proper-Preparation-Prevents-Poor-Performance.

I work closely with the homeless, and our Vetrans in distress providing support whenever I can thru my Church and serve in multiple ministries.

I am an Infraguard member working in a loose relationship with the F.B.I. contributing to Critical Infrastructure Protection.

I work in Protctive Services for various orginazations and the Churches.

Some of my outdoor activities have led me into extremely close relationships with those in our Armed Forces, Police, Fire, and medical services.  Whether anyone from these public services needs my advice, my time outside or inside the office, or just personal support, I offer these things as I hope we all would.

My professional history in real estate started at the age of 19 working for the largest commercial brokerage in Fresno,CA., Charles Tingey and Associates. I am now 49 years old as of 2021 and I have a vast background in Real Estate.

Along with being blessed every day in a job I love with communicating and building relationships with people, I have a love of family and life outside the office as well. I am married to my beautiful, caring wife Gina of 12+ years. She has been a school teacher for over 16+ years caring for children until we had our own child who is now 5 years old and we share our home here in Caldwell Idaho. We both love life in all its aspects, and love the outdoors with exploring and camping as much as possible. I also  shoot competitively in IDPA, IPSIC, and 3G for fun with a lot of our active and retired VETS and also current and retired Police/SWAT/Homeland Security forces. 

I again thank you for allowing me to represent you and your family in this transaction. I guarantee you will not be disappointed and am sure after you experience my customer service and knowledge, you will come back to me as much as my past clients do now.

Thank you,

Dan Rhomberg

Branch Manager

Optimum First Mortgage

24/7 contact--Cell(714)450-5504


Wesley H. 002/04/2015 ~~~Rate protection really works!!

I originally refinanced with Optimum First Mortgage at a great rate around July 2014. When rates began dropping again I was able to secure an even lower rate using the rate protection guarantee and my loan just funded last friday. The whole process was easy as usual since Dan Rhomberg keeps the process rolling and my refi was fully funded form start to finish in a matter of weeks, not months like some other lenders. I can 100% recommend Optimum First Mortgage to anyone looking for a home loan or refi. Great rates, no bogus fees and A+ customer service. Ask for Dan Rhomberg!

 Joan A. 02/27/2015~~~I was so impressed with Dan's professionalism, particularly because that this asset is so missing in today's business. He kept me informed up to the minute, answered questions truthfully, and was prompt in returning calls or messages. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone needing financing. You have a jewel in your business!

Jill C. 11/10/2014~~~Worked with Dan Rhomberg at Optimum and he was amazing! Always available and extremely detail oriented. One thing that sets Dan apart from others is that he knows how to structure a mortgage for success from the beginning so that there is not a lot of
back and forth in the process. I have recommended Dan to my friends and plan to use him again!


 Stan G. 07/11/2014~~~We have done several refinances of property with other companies. Optimum First is the best by far. Dan was easy to work with, attentive to detail, and communicated with us frequently. We would not hesitate to recommend or use again. Stan G.


 Courtney K. 07/03/2014~~~This review is technically just for Dan Rhomberg from Optimum First Mortgage. My fiance and I live in the the bay area and had been working with a local mortgage company my sister referred me to. Things were moving quickly in our house hunt and my fiance's Dad was nice enough to double check some of our calculations. He referred us to Dan for a 2nd opinion. Not only did Dan show us how our current broker was keeping a lot of the credits for himself, he also made sure we understood the process and were comfortable with the payments.

We didn't end up getting the house we put an offer on, but if we did, Dan would've saved us $5,000 on credits our other broker was going to pocket. Needless to say, when we get back into house hunting we're going with Dan. We appreciate his honesty and straight forwardness and would completely recommend him to friends (if we weren't all too broke to afford house prices in the bay area right now)!


 Kiwon O. 07/07/2014~~~Dan Rhomberg was great!  He never made a promise he couldn't keep and he was able to close my loan quickly.  I am very happy to have worked  with him and Optimum First, Inc.  My refinance was quick and easy and Dan kept me updated throughout the entire process


 Darlene O. 06/01/2014~~~ MOST POSITIVE BUSINESS INTERACTION I'VE HAD IN A LONG TIME!! Considering a refi.,online, was definitely "way out of my comfort zone"! I was contacted by Dan within minutes of submitting my initial inquiry and that expedient service continued thru the entire
process. Dan's knowledge,responsiveness,and willingness to answer questions(including evenings/weekends)was way beyond what I expected!!!! Optimum's great rates and zero cost refinance loans were unbeatable.


Anne A. 07/02/2013~~~The refinancing was efficient, quick and a pleasure to terminate in such a short time. Dan was always available to us and responded quickly to all questions and concerns.


George G. 05/04/2013~~~ This is the third time I have refinanced with Dan, and every time has been outstanding. He is very easy to get in touch with, he stays on top of the process, and he anticipates problems before they become serious. I give him my highest recommendation.


 Todd H. 01/29/2013~~~I really enjoyed working with Dan Rhomberg on the refinance of my home. Dan is a calm person to speak to and never puts pressure on you or rushes you. He did a great job minimizing my work load and really streamlined the refinance process. I have referred several other people to Dan for a refinance and they are all pleased with him.


 Jason H. 08/16/2012~~~ My wife and I decided to take advantage of the low 30 year rates for re-fi and were contacted by Dan Rhomberg at Optimum First. Dan was great to work with and he was so informative. He went above and beyond in explaining the whole process. Thing went smoothly and pretty much according to the timeline that Dan lined up. I would definetly deal with him again in the future. Jason Hudson


 John F. 06/20/2012~~~ Dan was fantastic. He explained everything to me every step of the way. He was far more knowledgeable than other people I had talked to, and he wasn't just trying to sell me a loan. I was very impressed with him, and even gave my family his contact information. Dan is definitely a keeper if you want your company to excel. Every thing Dan told me would happen, happened right when he thought it would. This is a sign of a real professional.


 Patricia B. 06/14/2012~~~ VERY PROFESSIONAL Dan was very knowledgeable, thorough, and efficient in handling my refi. He is very friendly and put me at ease in answering all my questions and enabled me to be comfortable in this decision making process. I would highly recommend him to my family and friends who are intertested in refinancing their home. A job well-done. Thanks Dan. You are appreciated!


 Laura H. 04/18/2012~~~After my first meeting with Dan Rhomberg on the phone, we were signing our refinance loan documents exactly 2 weeks later. Dan is very knowledgeable, efficient,available to us throughout the refinance, and a very pleasant man to do business with. Refinancing can be very stressful on the owner of the property and we never felt like this at all. We have purchased 3 properties and refinanced 7 times and this was by far the best experience we have ever been through in our 35 years of property ownership. Thanks Dan for doing a great job!


 Janet B. 03/28/2012~~~My husband and I just refinanced our Santa Barbara home for the second time in the last 2 years and couldn't be more pleased with Dan Rhomberg's professionalism and timliness. Thanks to Dan, we are once again saving money! We highly regard Optimum First, Inc. and Dan's expertise and knowledge. Joe and Janet Bush


 Mary C. 02/18/2012~~~ This is the second time I have used Optimum First to refinance my mortgage. Both times they have been excellent in helping me obtain my new mortgage at no costs! This time I was fortunate to have Dan Rhomberg as my loan officer and he was fantastic. He found, through the Title Company that we had a lien on our house that we weren't even aware of. We took care of it as soon as possible and then proceeded on to secure our new loan. All during this time, Dan was available by cell and office phone to guide us through what to do. We called him many times! He has followed through with checking in with us to make sure everything went smoothly. Thanks again, Optimum First! And a special thanks to Dan Rhomberg. I highly recommend him!


 Robert Q. 01/21/2012~~~I had refinanced my house last year and the experience made me leery of doing it again.  With rates so low I had to do it and I'm glad I did and I'm glad I chose Optimum 1st.  Dan Rhomberg made the whole process so easy.  He explained everything thoroughly and made sure all my questions were answered before proceeding.  He was always only a phone call away. He kept me informed each step of the way, all the way to the day I funded. Thanks for the awesome service.


 Kelly M. 11/30/2011~~~ This was our second refi with Optimum. Senior Loan Office Dan Rhomberg is to be commended for his professionalism, knowledge and communication skills . He was always forth coming and everything was explained in detail and to our complete satisfaction. Optimum's rates were as usual highly competitive. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend Optimum First Mortgage to our friends.


 Russell S. 10/31/2011~~~ We could not be more pleased at the way Dan Rhomberg of Optimum First Mortgage handled our recent refinancing. More or less on impulse I responded to a pop-up ad on the internet, guarded and skeptical about whether the low rate advertised was for real. Within five minutes of submitting my reply, Dan sent an email, then called. Wow, I thought, this guy is on on firel! I was firmly in a mindset of either NO or MAYBE, but as Dan talked and I listened, I became more and more comfortable that he was for real, and trustworthy. He assured me that with him there would be no bait and switch: whatever rate and fees were first offered would be what we would get and that his word was gold. I completed an application and received a GFE, good faith estimate, with a rate of 3.875 and about $3800 in fees for a 30 year fixed. This lowered our monthly payment by a nice amount, which was our goal. Dan assured me that he would handle the whole process, from beginning to end, and that we would not be shuffled from one person to another while the loan was processed as I had been by the Big Bank that currently held our loan. Within three weeks we were done! When the fees turned out to be $185 more than promised on the GFE, Optimum made up the difference and sent me a check. Our final costs were EXACTLY what Dan promised on the initial estimate. Both the Appraiser and Notary Dan recommended were prompt and professional. Note that ours was a small loan, and could not have given Optimum very much of a commission, yet Dan could not have been friendlier or given more efficient service had we been refinancing a million dollars. He gave us his cell phone number and encouraged us to call at any time, weekends or evenings, if he could ever be of help, now or in the future. In addition to great service and a great rate, we were given a promise in writing that should rates drop in the future, Optimum would apply that lower rate to the balance of our loan at no cost to us! Bottom line, I will not hesitate to recommend Dan Rhomberg and Optimum First to my closest friends.


Ellen G. 09/29/2011~~~ This is the third refinance that I have done with Optimum First. Dan Rhomberg has helped me every time. I have refinanced with other companies, but have never had such wonderful expedience and service with any other company. Dan is very friendly, professional, and always available for questions. He returns phone calls very promptly. Everything went extremely smooth and fast. The Rate Protection Guarantee is awesome. I was able to refinance at a lower rate that is saving me money with no additional costs. Thank you so much Dan and Optimum First!

 Dan K. 09/27/2011~~~ I can provide a review for the agent I worked with- he goes by the name of Dan Rhomberg. Much as I'd like to offer him some constructive criticism- I'm afraid I cannot find a thing to improve. I've worked with Optimum twice now, and both times every element was exactly as expected and desired. They locked my rate, promptly forwarded the needs list- and as quickly as I sent them in, they were reviewed. Home appraisal occurred one day later- and the next day I had my copy! I was successful in subordinating my heloc, had a painless 40 min visit with the notary. Only new element needed was the credit card statement showing that I had paid for the appraisal. Loan funded and I dropped my APR half a point. Thanks Much!

 Susan S. 08/02/2011~~~ We had such a great experience last year when we did a re-fi with Optimum First that we did it again this year to take advantage of the even lower rate than we got last year. We again used Dan Rhomburg as our loan officer so I can say with certainty that the excellent service we got from him last year was no fluke. He is good! He knows his stuff and he ran the numbers for us to be sure another re-fi was advantageous and it was. He is fast, he is thorough, he stays in constant contact and answers any and all questions immediately. Again we had our appraisal setup and completed within 2 days and our loan funded in about a month. Everyone is very busy with all the re-fi's now so the bank took a little longer this time to get the underwriting done and we were out of the country for a week during this time as well so we were very happy with closing that quickly. Dan is so thorough that both times now we have only had one very minor condition from the underwriter that was accomplished with a short email so he gets everything he knows is going to be needed before the docs go to underwriting. It was a completely stress free undertaking and I think it was because of Dan's experience and expertise. As I said last year, I would do the process again with Dan.

 Michael P. 07/22/2011~~~ Our family just refinanced our home, working with Dan Rhomberg at Optimum First. All transactions went very smooth and he was a pleasure to work with. What I appreciated the most was that he was very proactive, we did not have to call to follow up with anything, he was always the first to let us know. They will be my first stop when financing again! Michael Pavy…

 Brad G. 07/04/2011~~~ I just recently completed a refinance of my rental house. It went well from start to finish, and I would like to thank Dan Rhomberg of Optimum First Mortgage. I began by filling out a form on line where I was contacted by four lenders. Dan called me first. I told him that I wanted a no-cost mortgage. Unlike some of the other lenders, he did not need my private information (Soc Sec #, credit report) just to give me a quote. Other lenders, like Quicken Loans, try to run a credit report on the first phone call(!!!) just to quote a rate. What a joke. Dan’s rates sounded good, but I thought I would shop around a little more before I signed on with him. His rates were the best I found that day. Another lender who was so sure that his rates were the best was skeptical when I quoted Dan’s rate. The other lender could not match it—he was $500 or $1000 more expensive. So that day I told Dan to go ahead and he stayed late at the office to build my loan package and then beat the daily cut-off time to get my loan locked in at the quoted rate. The appraiser came out several days later and got his appraisal finished just two days later. These loans always come back with conditions, but there were very few in my case and I think that’s because Dan took great care to package the loan correctly (just like with the IRS, you want everything to add up correctly and not have any red or yellow flags). Dan returned phone calls quickly and did what he promised. My loan closed at the agreed upon rate and with no cost to me. I will use him again should I have the opportunity.

 Jim & Janice C. 03/26/2011~~~ We are the kind of people who like that "eye-to-eye" contact when dealing with such personal information, however, we decided to be better listeners and after a few conversations became comfortable with Dan Rhomberg @ Optimum 1st and interested in what he offered. Our refinance closed within 17 days! Wow, that has got to be a first. We have done a couple of these refinances in our homeowning history, and this was definitely a FIRST! Dan is cordial to work with, but more important knows his "business", is professional and has proven himself trustworthy. No games. He has a team of professionals to assist him in the whole process, but he remained our primary "go to" person throughout the entire process. We closed with the term, cost and interest rate promised. We are pleased with our new loan and interest rate (saved us $432 a month). Thank you Dan Rhomberg and Team @ Optimum First Mortgage.

 Alpaslan S. 02/21/2011~~~ I just finished a refinance for my investment property with Optimum First mortgage and I am very happy with my experience. My loan officer Dan Rhomberg was always available whenever I needed to ask questions, and he was always very professional and helpful throughout the whole process. He even matched a last minute competitive offer. I recommend this company to anyone that needs to get a loan.

 Brigit H. 01/21/2011~~~ I cannot praise Dan Rhomberg and Optimum First Mortgage enough for my painless, stress free and even enjoyable refinance experience. From the
beginning, Dan established his credibility, honesty, friendliness and professionalism. We were given extraordinary service, information and results! My husband and I were guided through the whole process thoroughly and quickly! This was especially helpful for we were also dealing with my daughter's serious health condition at the time. Dan
eliminated all stress from the refinance equation. I look forward to working with him and OptimumFirst for any future mortgage needs. I happily recommend anyone to do so as well!


 Rick G. 12/20/2010~~~ At a time when the refinancing process can at times become exasperating, Dan kept things moving quickly and was very responsive to my concerns. I loved the fact that he ALWAYS returned calls promptly and was usually available right away- I rarely got his voicemail- very refreshing! Dan kept his sense of humor which allowed me to keep mine and was always informed, courteous and respectful. It was a pleasure doing business with him.


 Tom J. 12/17/2010~~~ STELLAR PERFORMANCE! I shopped and shopped rates and fees, nobody had the deal optimum first had! Dan Rhomberg, my loan officer handled my refinance in a very professional manner. He kept all promises, returned my calls promptly and most importantly explained the "details" in a way I completely understood.


Pam B. 12/17/2010~~~We have refinanced several times in the past, and this refinance has been far and away the BEST.  Dan followed through on everything he said he would do, and got us a great rate.  He kept us up-to-date on everything along the way.  It was a pleasure working with Dan, and we would highly recommend him to anyone.


Cathy R. 12/16/2010~~~ We have refied twice with Optimum First. Great experience each time. Yes, there's lots of paperwork and documents to send in to support your refi and that takes time and effort, but our loan officer, Dan Rhomberg, only asked for just what the underwriter needed and helped us decide what to send. He was always available by phone, fax, or e-mail. He was always ready with answers to questions (or found out quickly), never promised what he could not deliver and kept us in the loop. We happened to be in Fountain Valley when it was time to sign loan docs so we stopped by his office. He greeted us warmly and showed us around. Nice place, lots of people, not some high-pressure boiler room. We'll do it again if rates drop.


 George G. 12/04/2010~~~ I worked with Dan Rhomberg in refinancing. At first, I was a bit leary, as I was doing this over the internet based on an internet search. Dan was informative and very professional. The main thing I liked about working with him was the fact that he responded to any questions or concerns I had within minutes, at most, an hour or so. He was well informed and conducted business in a professional manner, and I would recommend him to anyone seeking a refi. In fact, I took his bid into my local bank, and they told me that if I could get that deal, I should take it at once. I did. Thanks, Dan.


 Mark B. 12/04/2010~~~ Want to thank our Senior Loan Officer Dan Rhomberg for working thru our re-financing. The team kept us informed and worked thru challenges with subordination with second loan which took us to the wire- however the team made it happen. Thanks again for professionalism and concern for seeing the transaction thru.


 Anne A. 12/02/2010~~~ Dan was a highly efficient and responsible agent who was sensitive to our needs and wishes and always communicated with us in a productive manner. This allowed the loan process to flow smoothly and relatively quickly. He was always available to us by phone and continually updated us throughout the process. We refinanced two properties simultaneously which were funded the same day.

E.G 12/02/2010~~~Dan was very pleasant and helpful during the entire loan process. He was always quick to respond to my phone calls and questions. I would definitely recommend Dan to anyone considering a refinance who wants someone helping them who is knowledgeable, caring and very professional.



 Dave B. 11/29/2010~~~ We have refinanced several times in the past, and this refinance has been far and away the BEST. Dan followed through on everything he said he would do, and got us a great rate. He kept us up-to-date on everything along the way. It was a pleasure working with Dan, and we would highly recommend him to anyone. 


Jeri G. 11/20/2010~~~Dan Rhomberg at Optimum First handled my re-fi in total in about 4 weeks; about a third of the time of the last company I dealt with. He was also exceedingly responsive and best follow-up guy I've dealt with. I would actually do business again with Optimum and recommend them/Dan,to my friends.




Mark R. 11/02/2010~~~I want to tell you what a outstanding job Dan Rhomberg and Tracy Kirkland have done on my mortgage. This is the second mortgage I have done with your company. My first experience was excellent, Dan's knowledge of the process and the way they walked me through the process clearly showed me that I could not ask for better customer service. Every promise was kept. Now it is my pleasure to tell you this second loan process was even better!
I tip my hat to your company, especially Dan and Tracy.



 Wei-Chuan L 10/20/2010~~~ Due to the 3 Year Rate Protection Guarantee plan, this is the 2nd time Dan has helped me with my refinance. Just like last time, I got a great experience: the process went smoothly and everything happened as he promised. Dan always kept in touch with me and spent a lot of time explaining the complicated formula/numbers to help me understand the whole process.
Thanks and good job, Dan!


 Vishnu M. 09/15/2010~~~ Dan Rhomberg conducted himself professionally with courtesy. He followed up his commitments and promises related to the refinancing of my loan. I would not hesitate in recommending him to one my friends or calling for his services the next time I am seeking home mortgage.
Vishnu M.


 Patricia P. 09/09/2010~~~ Dan Rhomberg has been one of the most straight talking, honest agents we have ever dealt with. From my skeptical first call, Dan was able to openly answer all my questions in a manner that created trust with him and his company. Dan took the time to tutor me on the details of our refinance process making sure I understood the fine print. Every step of the process was handled in a timely manner with the utmost ease using email and fax. The appraisal, document signing and notary visit were all coordinated on Dan’s end and we did not have a moment of worry. Most importantly every single penny, from the promised interest rate to the rebate, refund, appraisal cost, and various fees all came in exactly as Dan had promised and we closed without a hitch.
I have never been more motivated to write a review and we highly recommend Dan Rhomberg and Optimum First Mortgage to anyone in the market to refinance.


 Liz F. 08/25/2010~~~ Dan was ALWAYS available and worked with me in a very professional manner. My loan went through quickly and my loan officer kept me informed each step of the way.
Dan Rhomberg is my loan officer for life!

Ralph P. 08/19/2010~~~Optimum First and Dan Rhomberg did a fine job processing my recent home loan refinance. Optimum First has a very efficient process and helpful people that offered a very competitive interest rate. In today's financial environment be prepared to provide and work through unreasonable financial requests from the actual lenders themselves. I would definitly recommend First Optimum to frends and family. Ralph



 Duncan G. 08/17/2010~~~ Dan was an excellent Loan Officer. I refinanced the house to purchase a motor home. He promised my loan would go through at a particular rate, and he came through at under the rate he initially quoted. The timeline was perfect, also. He said it would be done at the end of the month and it was on time. He kept all of his promises from the initial contact. Dan's personality and demeanor on the phone made me feel very comfortable to work with him.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends who are in the market for a loan. We're enjoying our motor home very much and there's certainly no buyer's remorse. I'd like to give thanks to Dan and all of the staff at Optimum First Mortgage!
Thanks again,
Duncan G.


 Kimberly O. 06/10/2010~~~ It was an absolute pleasure working with Dan Rhomberg in every way. Over the past 22 years I have never had a mortgage refinance handled as efficiently as it did with Dan Rhomberg. From beginning to end he never missed a beat. Top Notch! He single handedly raised the bar for all Mortgage Loan and Refinancing Lenders!
Best Regards,
Kimberly O.


 Eric S. 05/07/2010~~~ Our experience was great. Dan Rhomberg was so easy to work with and he always kept my wife and I in the loop on everything that was going on. He was very easy to get a hold of and more than willing to answer any questions we had. We would recommend Dan Rhomberg to anyone for their next transaction. Thank you again!


 Ron C. 04/12/2010~~~ Dan did exactly what he told me he would do. He kept me informed throughout the process and took care of issues that arose promptly. He was very accessable. If I didn't reach him when I called I knew he would return my call usually within the hour. I would use Optimum First Mortgage and Dan again and gladly recomend him to my friends and family.
Ron C.
Gilroy CA


 Mark F. 03/22/2010~~~ Everything about our refinance was handled quickly and efficiently. Dan Rhomberg kept us informed every single step of the way. Whenever any problems occurred (of which there were very few), he did whatever was necessary to resolve them. Dan is a true professional, and he delivered everything that he promised. We are completely satisfied with the results, and we would highly recommend Optimum First to anyone who is considering a refinance of their home mortgage.
Mark F.
Irvine, CA


 Estela C. 02/04/2010~~~ Dan, my loan officer, was good and helpful throughout my entire refinance. The whole experience with him and Optimum first was a good one and I'd do it again!


Sylvia R. 02/04/2010~~~Dan Rhomberg is a great guy! He was very knowledgeable, informative and a very kind and respectful young man. I was rather apprenhensive to do a refinance over the internet. I was contacted by so many mortgage companies, that I felt overwhelmed and scared. But Dan was so pleasant and easy to talk to, that I felt comfortable and confident in him. He did a fantastic job explaining the Good Faith Estimate, and all the legal documents and statements that were needed to expedite my refi-loan. Whenever I had a question and called Dan, he immediately returned my calls and clearly explained and answered my question. Thank you so much for making my loan go so smoothly. You have exceptional service, great rates and excellent communication!
I would highly recommend Dan and Optimum First Mortgage to family and friends!



 Charles M. 12/14/2009~~~Within minutes of an on line request to refinance, Optimum First Inc., in particular Dan responded with such assurance and professionalism that made subsequent responses from the internet tawdry. Dan made himself available by every means possible, and at all times during the loan process, he quickly responded to our questions and concerns. We locked a rate for thirty days and Dan made it happen on time. I would definitely recommend Dan and Optimum to others.
Charles McDonald


 Joseph B. 11/19/2009~~~We have nothing but positive comments about our experience refinancing our mortgage with Optimum First, and especially about the agent with whom we worked, Dan Rhomberg. He was constantly available by phone and email, courteous and informative and competent. He worked hard to help us save money in little and big ways, and was at all times extremely patient and helpful with our many (and sometimes repetitive) questions. 5 Stars!
Joseph and Janet Bush


 Mark R. 11/10/2009~~~I would like to Thank Dan Rhomberg and Tracy Kirkland for all their help every step of the way thru the loan process. I'm very pleased with the entire process.
Mark R.


 Robert S. 11/10/2009~~~A big "Thank You" to Dan Rhomberg for making the whole process of refinancing easy and painless. He was always available to answer my endless questions in an efficient and professional manner. I will not hesitate to recommend the services of Optimum First to family and friends.
Thank you,
Bob & Helen Schwarz


 Mark A. 07/07/2009~~~I have dealt with many brokers large and small over the years and Dan Rhomberg and the team at Optimum First have set the new bar for performance for me. They were extraordinarily fast and efficient in getting my re-fi done at a great rate in a dynamic environment. It was a great pleasure in doing business with a team that was responsive, organized and professional. Thanks so much for your help! - Mark A.