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Our mission

Here at Optimum First, we treat everyone with honesty and respect. We put clients before commissions and we always deliver the most competitive rates in the industry, helping our customers save time and money.
Robert Drenk & Matthew Dohman
- Founders
Our history

How we became the low-price leader in the lending marketplace


Optimum First is founded

The worldwide financial collapse of 2008 crippled the economy, put companies out of business, and left a lot of people out of work. Matthew Dohman, a veteran of the mortgage industry, and Robert Drenk, a veteran of the RV industry, decided to build a mortgage company by recruiting some of the most talented individuals from both industries.


Shaping a culture

Optimum First's rapid growth came from treating our employees and our customers like family. Framing our culture on this "do-right" attitude made us the "it" mortgage company. With an assertive pricing strategy and by closing a lot of loans at very small profit margins, our company quickly became a recognized top funder.


Perfecting the process

Our team understood that real estate agents needed to make their offers more attractive to sellers by being able to close their purchases very quickly. We perfected our lending process to meet this need and close purchase loans in record time. The perfection of this process has also greatly aided in refinance transactions.

2020 - Present

Building the future

Here at Optimum First, we’ve made a significant investment in our technology stack, bringing ourselves to the forefront of modern lending. This investment puts us on par with the largest banks and lenders in the industry.

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